Online Doctor Office

Online Doctor Office’s services help clients by supplying the necessary doctor consult for many of their products.

By enabling pharmacies and patients access to input their information with a brief medical history and subjective triage our doctors can evaluate and write a prescription in most cases without talking to the patient, making the process efficient and convenient to the patient.

Our platform permits the client and or patient quick access to medical consults along with the ability to deliver the prescriptions directly to the pharmacy quickly and efficiently. With clinicians in all 50 states encompassing a broad spectrum of specialties, enables the care needed for our clients

The patient care side is handled by staff with specialized training to deal with patients’ needs as they arise with 24/7 support.

The client side of the platform provides a list of all patients and their status within the platform including the doctor assigned, entry date and completion dates, and doctors’ orders. In addition, the platform logs all user logon and actions to the patient record. This ensures that we are HIPAA compliant and CFR 21 part 11 compliant.

To provide security to this process our platform is encrypted, and data is redundant across regions for ultimate protection and retention of patient information.

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